Empty Headed?

Wow. Not updating much lately. Am I just empty-headed? Actually, work’s been busy lately. This week, my boss is in Ottawa until probably Wednesday. Does this make James happy, since he is the only other person in the office? Not really. I’m much too easily distracted, and actually feel guilty for being unproductive at work. In happier news, Brooke has started a new job as a fact checker for Canadian Business magazine. Not full time yet, but she’s entered the world of journalism. Way to go, Brookes!

We spent Saturday night at the “Taste of the Danforth” foodfest here in Toronto. Danforth is a mecca of (mostly) Greek restaurants, and you can bet that I was stuffing my face with souvlaki and baklava with the best of them. I love Toronto. Not only can a festival of mostly Greek culture draw over a million people over three days, the crowd is made up of all races and nationalities, showing that multiculturalism actually works.

ID Magazine

Hey, I’m going to have a letter published in next month’s ID magazine!! I actually just sent a cranky email to them asking why there was no CD-ROM with their Interactive Annual this year, and how I could get one. The assistant editor emailed back and said that they no longer produce one but that they were getting a lot of inquiries so she was going to publish my letter and their response in the next issue. It was kind of cool, although if I’d intended to have it published, I probably would have been more careful and diplomatic. She even emailed me to ask me which of our company’s two offices I worked out of, Toronto or Ottawa. It’s very funny, because our company has precisely two employees in Toronto and two in Ottawa. It really made us sound like a big firm. Maybe we’ll get some free publicity out of it, though!