Real Love

I rescued the following from the “journal” that I kept on my site before I started blogging. I think it’s a courageous thing for me to do to post it here. I mean , who else would admit such a thing:

Friday, April 14th 2000 04:30PM

I must be hopelessly in love with b. Of course, I am, but the evidence was never more damning than last night. I actually accompanied her to a, now brace yourself, to a Chris DeBurgh concert. GASP! I’ll let you laugh for a bit. ……….ok, that’s enough! Seriously, can’t say I was EVER a fan, and what does the guy do, but play for THREE HOURS!!! I mean, who does he think he is, Springsteen?! Oh well, I suppose I scored some points and maybe one day when I need company for a Pavement show, or Radiohead, or something, b. will have to sit beside me with the same pained expression on her face as I was wearing for three hours (and more) last night.

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