What a Week!

I’ve been pretty scarce online lately. What have I been so busy with the past week? Well, how about:

  • seeing a dozen documentaries at the Hot Docs festival.
  • running my best 10K time by exactly two minutes (52:30.9! Yeah!) in the Sporting Life 10K.
  • rocking out live to the hyperactive geek sounds of the Apples In Stereo.
  • wrapping up several months of preparation with what amounted to a 16 hour workday as we hosted 19 winemakers from seven countries (and four continents!) at a huge tasting of our entire portfolio of wines. More than 600 people attended.

So, what have you been up to lately?

One thought on “What a Week!”

  1. Hey James,
    I completely missed out on Hot Docs this year and really wanted to see SuperSize, The Take and I, Curmudgeon. Reps for me this summer, I’m sure.
    – digging the new Lali Puna disc, “Faking the Books”
    – going from html to xhtml
    – trying to figure out Textpattern
    – watching the DVD-rentals-by-mail pile up ’til the weekend
    For now,

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