Region 2 Bargains Arrive

It figures that I received a package from Amazon UK today with a whole bunch of Region 2 DVDs that I bought on sale. You see, I’m in the thick of HotDocs, reviewing a bunch of films over at my film blog Toronto Screen Shots. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to check these out over the next few weeks:

If that weren’t enough, a screener for Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly arrived this week, too, which I’ve been eager to see. Brooke is reading the book right now and raving about it.

I think the sale might be on for a while yet, especially on the Artificial Eye releases. If you have a region-free DVD player, these are some great deals.

One thought on “Region 2 Bargains Arrive”

  1. I recommend the commentary on Bugsy Malone – hearing Alan Parker confess (in so many words) that the film is obviously the work of a complete madman puts your mind at ease, somewhat.

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