Postfix Enabler

Postfix Enabler is a great little app that activates Panther’s built-in mail server. I was reading about this on Meg’s blog at just the right time. I work in consumer marketing for a wine importing agency, and a big part of my job is designing, writing and sending out email newsletters to our customers. Lately, a few ISPs (AOL and Cogeco) have been bouncing all our emails, claiming that our ISP is on a blacklist of spammers or at least of ISPs who allow open relaying (which assists spammers). This has devolved into a nasty political fight among ISPs which calls to tech support have been unable to solve. It’s been immensely frustrating to me since our list is an opt-in list and our messages are definitely not spam.

With this handy little program, I can use my local Mac as an SMTP server, allowing us to bypass our ISP completely. I’m a big hero in the office now!

Food Chain

One of my favourite games from a few years ago is finally available for OS X (and Windows!). Food Chain is one of the most innovative and entertaining games I’ve seen anywhere. Paying the $15 shareware fee was a no-brainer for me. I’m sure it will be for you, too.

Safari 1.0? Bah!

I downloaded the “final” 1.0 release of Apple’s browser, Safari, just as soon as it was posted yesterday. So far, I’m unhappy. A few sites I visit regularly have been misbehaving. One weblog’s colours disappear below the point where I have to scroll. Another bulletin board site doesn’t register my postings until I manually refresh the page. What’s up, Apple?