Redesign Contest!

I’m ready to unleash my next contest on all of you. In my capacity as Book Reviews Editor for Digital Web, I’ve amassed a quantity of books that I either can’t read (no time) or can’t use (no ability) or have already read or used. I’m eager to give them away and Brooke is eager to pitch them out one way or another, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m hoping to redesign this site in the near future, and I’m calling on all of your design and coding skills. Submissions can be anything, small or large, from logos to illustrations to Movable Type templates. Even colour suggestions wouldn’t be unwelcome.
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Book Launch

Last night I attended the book launch of Building Accessible Websites (New Riders, 2002), authored by my friend Joe Clark. The book is, as Joe declares, “a beautiful object you will love to read.” As far as I’m aware, it is the first web design book to sport ligatures, and the voice is unmistakably Joe’s. Yes, that’s a good thing. I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing, and then posting my thoughts over at Digital Web.

Finally…Haiku Contest Winner(s)!

As promised, and only marginally late, I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the Eric Meyer on CSS Haiku Contest is Joshua Kaufman, of Columbus, Ohio. His entry captured the essence of CSS in its simplicity:

simple web design:
html for structure
css for style

Out of almost 300 entries, there were bound to be a lot of other good ones, too. If you’re interested, here are 15 Honourable Mentions, the main criterion being that they made me laugh:
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