The Engagement Story

Well, I’m back. Spent a nice few days in snowy Collingwood, basking in the post-engagement glow. Actually, more like trying desperately to keep Brooke from stressing out already. I keep telling her we don’t need to have the wedding planned by next week, but it’s a struggle. For anyone that cares to know the details of the proposal, here goes:

We had reservations for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Nothing In Common, which I’ve mentioned here before. I love the irony of the name and wanted to eat there before asking Brooke to spend the rest of her life with me. Although I thought of asking her at the restaurant, I changed my mind. It’s tiny, about 6 tables, and although I’m sure everyone would have been great, Brooke’s just not a public display sort of girl. So, I waited until we got back to her apartment. Earlier, I’d hid the ring in the place she’d never ever look. Because she lives in a bachelor, there’s only one big room and a bathroom. I had to wait about 45 minutes before she went to the bathroom. Then I crept into the kitchen, and turned on the little oven light. The blue box with the white ribbon was sitting inside. When she came out, she wondered why the oven light was on, and hey, what’s in there? Then I said, “This is the part where I get down on one knee…” and then I asked her, she said yes, and then we both went into shock for about two hours. Even though we’d talked about marriage, and our ideas for a wedding, she was still genuinely shocked. But now we’re both getting used to the idea and that’s nice.

Thank you to everyone who wished us well, either in a comment or by email, or in a more extravagant form (thanks, Six.)