Desert Island Blogs, from 2001

I was reading some of my old Metafilter comments today and came across this thread, discussing our favourite blogs from February 2001. How many of these are still in existence, and of those, how many are still interesting?

What’s your opinion on the state of blogging as we approach 2004?

One thought on “Desert Island Blogs, from 2001”

  1. What is the variance of the frequency of a blogger’s introspection regarding his own internet browsing habits in proportion to the elapsed time during which he has been blogging? Is it linear, square, inverse, or inverse square? Stay tuned to find out next year when we re-consider the Desert Island blogs of this year.

    If you were on a desert island, would you continue blogging? If someone else was on a desert island blogging, would you continue to read their blog? Does the desert island have WiFi, or do you have to tap an undersea cable? Aren’t you already on a desert island?

    Is this question anything like a grade schooler deciding with whom she is currently best friends?

    If I was on a desert island, I’d rather have James with me than his blog. He is funnier.

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