Comment Spam Volcano!

I’m in the middle of reading Simon Winchester’s book, Krakatoa, and a volcanic eruption was the first thing I thought of upon discovering that, this morning, between 6:00am and 7:30am, this site was blasted with more than 300 pieces of comment spam. This, despite the presence of both Movable Type’s comment-throttling and Jay Allen’s fine MT-Blacklist plugin. It’s taken me more than an hour to dig out. Speaking of comment-throttling, I’d like to throttle the perpetrators.

One thought on “Comment Spam Volcano!”

  1. Yeah, I spent some time this week cleaning up Edmond’s site from a similar attack. I happened to look at the referrer logs right in the middle of it, and quickly began blocking IP addresses in .htaccess until nothing more was coming through.

    This one day after I updated his MT-Blacklist file – which did seem to be doing some blocking as well.

    I finally figured out the reason why I never get comment spam: my robots.txt file blocks all robots, including Google. Since Google doesn’t index my site, I don’t seem to be a target for comment spammers. Of course the tradeoff is that you’ll only find my site if you Google my name or the name of the site itself – or follow a link from someone else.

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