Things I Wish I Could Say in a Job Interview

Continuing with the theme of work and how we get it, here are some things that have certainly popped into my head before, during and after job interviews in the past. I wish I could verbalize some of these things with the people I’m considering working with:

  • I think I’m smarter than 90% of the people you have working here. I may not be as focused or even as motivated, but I’m capable of being focused and motivated.
  • I’m a little scared that I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  • Whatever you think I haven’t done enough of, I can easily learn.
  • But what if I can’t? And even if I can, what if I hate it?
  • I don’t think that you’re telling me the truth about what it’s really like to work here.
  • I’m not sure yet if want this job, but you’re not going to give me enough time or information to make a good decision.
  • I’m a little scared that I really want this job, and that I’ll come across as too eager.
  • I’m worried that I’ll become restless in six months and want a different job.
  • I really have no idea what I want to “do” with my life.

What are some things you’d like to say in a job interview?

5 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Could Say in a Job Interview”

  1. I work best when I can do things my way. I find my way of doing things has been more efficient every where I have worked.

    So is it more important that your employees are right or that they are mindless drones doing what they are told?

    Are the execs in this company the same pompous asses I find everywhere else?

    You realize I am interviewing you as much as you are interviewing me.

    I think over a decade of managing people trumps the other guys degree.

    I could go on and on and on but will stop there. I spent over a decade killing myself for one corporate entity after another. I am so much happy now.

  2. I worked for a consulting firm for awhile, and I wrote these 25 horrible ways to handle an interview. Most of the answers were based on real-life responses I'd heard from recruiters, including the one about Mr. Bunny.

    …and thanks for the positive feedback about my grandmother's story. Weird time, weird responses, but I hope that somewhere she's got a wry smile.

    We WILL eventually have that beer…

  3. Interesting perspective on the interview process, Mike. I loved Mr. Bunny! I guess I'm just wanting to feel less like a drone these days, and want to challenge the status quo a bit. But I promise not to bring a large stuffed bunny to any of my appointments.

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