Super Bowl XXXVI

Super Bowl XXXVI: Four words, people: It’s a football game. I’m just about gagging with all the flag porn going on. It’s not America playing al Qaeda, as far as I know…


In typical fashion, the Raptors ended the Knicks’ eight-game losing streak last night. The Toronto Raptors are a talented and likeable bunch of guys who simply do not possess the aggressiveness needed to be a really successful franchise. They simply cannot lose to a team like the Knicks, at home, when just a few short weeks ago, they beat the Lakers on the road. And you know what? ESPN’s Jeffrey Denberg agrees with me. (End sports rant)

Last night, I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Apart from some (regrettably predictable) gibes at one character’s paper-thin Christian faith*, I loved everything about it. Great music, funny, even romantic. I especially liked the use of animation in places. Though probably not for everyone, this is a completely unique film which grew out of an off-Broadway show which grew out of a karaoke routine. The writer, director and star is John Cameron Mitchell, who should be given licence now to do whatever he wants to do in Hollywood.

*Remarkably similar to another portrayal in another otherwise smart movie, The Opposite of Sex (1998).


The first game of the NBA Finals is tonight. It’s been a long playoff, especially for the Philadelphia 76’ers. Journalists everywhere are falling over themselves to crown the Lakers champions, and the only team ever to sweep every team in the playoffs. I’m disappointed. Because obviously, I’m a 76’ers fan. I won’t say I was always a fan. In fact, I only became a fan the day after they eliminated my Toronto Raptors. Watching every game in that series, I gained a grudging respect for their team. Already a big Iverson fan, I saw that the rest of the team were also scrappy, sometimes downright unpleasant players. But they were basketball players. They’ve played back to back 7 game series, and are hobbled by injuries. But in that greatest of sports clichés, this is a team with heart. The Lakers are a team of shoe salesmen, rappers, models, and wannabe actors. And they represent their city well. So do the 76’ers. Let’s hope that, even in today’s NBA, substance can kick style’s ass.

Raptors Melt In Heat

My friend Brad took me to the Raptors-Heat game last night for my birthday. It was a great game, but Brad is definitely a jinx. He’s never seen them win when he goes to a game. Oh well, thanks Brad!

Thanks, too, to everyone who sent birthday wishes yesterday, both comments here and privately. It’s little gestures like that which make my long slow march to the grave just a bit happier…