I’m thinking of trying to learn PHP. Does anyone know any good sites/books/whatever that would help me get started? What are some of the more useful capabilities of PHP for a site like this one, for instance? Let me know.

NN4 = Suck

Just testing out the new section on the PC and realized how crap everything looks (including this page) in Netscape 4. If you’re one of the 15% or so accessing these pages with Netscape, and they don’t look right, please please please go and download Netscape 6. Or, of course, Internet Explorer. Or Opera. Anything but Netscape 4. I’m exhausted trying to make that &^%&%$* browser work.

Ugly Fonts

Caterina praises the use of ugly fonts and overlooks my redesign. Really, I’m not hurt. I can’t even remember the name of the ugly font I used, and won’t be able to remember it until I’m back at work on Tuesday (Canadian Thanksgiving, you know…). But rest assured, it is an ugly stepchild of a font, not even worthy for barber signs or diner menus.

CodeWarriorU offers free online courses in programming, XML, even an introduction to Photoshop. I’m taking the XML course right now.

From yesterday, I’ve decided that I need one more disc, so I’m changing my mind about counting Stevie Wonder as two discs. After all, it was all written, composed, and released as one work, right?? I’m desperate to add one more disc (even though the whole list will probably change next week!). The addition is:

  • PJ Harvey-Dry

35: Too Old?

So is 35 too old to be in the web design business? I’ve been doing it part-time for the past 3 years, and fulltime only since March. I’m a junior designer/programmer at a tiny but mighty company, and my girlfriend (34 and just graduated from journalism school) wants us to move to England in two years and work there. Do you think at 37 and 36 we’ll be completely unemployable? This scares me sometimes. My only hope is to move quickly out of design and production altogether and become boring “Web Producer” or “Project Manager” man, simply because of my age. What if I don’t want to become that person? Opinions?