35: Too Old?

So is 35 too old to be in the web design business? I’ve been doing it part-time for the past 3 years, and fulltime only since March. I’m a junior designer/programmer at a tiny but mighty company, and my girlfriend (34 and just graduated from journalism school) wants us to move to England in two years and work there. Do you think at 37 and 36 we’ll be completely unemployable? This scares me sometimes. My only hope is to move quickly out of design and production altogether and become boring “Web Producer” or “Project Manager” man, simply because of my age. What if I don’t want to become that person? Opinions?

One thought on “35: Too Old?”

  1. I don’t know what to say to this. I’ve been searching for this answer myself. I am 24 now and fear that within a decade my career will be over and i’ll have to move on to something else. so why the hell should i waste my youth studying design and development if it’s going to be short lived, under paid, and overworked? i’ve heard some not so good stories about 35 being a dinosaur age. that’s why i’m starting my master’s degree this summer to move into management if that ever happens.

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