I Hate Cell Phones

Apologies in advance to any cell phone junkies, but I hate them! I hate the whole culture of people talking on their phones anywhere, anytime, about nothing. Self-important “business” people in the line at McDonald’s, fat cats in their BMWs with phones stuck to the side of their heads, people on the subway whose phones ring immediately after we come out from underground, people having the conversations that consist of “I’m on the bus/streetcar/subway. I’m at [such and such intersection]. Where are you?” I think cell phones are a bad rash, encouraging rude behaviour and dumbing down communication. I hate the vocabulary: “my mobile,” “my land line,” “my cell.” Even worse, as the earpieces become smaller and smaller, it will be impossible to distinguish the cell phone yakkers from the truly delusional. But somehow that seems appropriate to me.

105 thoughts on “I Hate Cell Phones”

  1. I hate cell phones! When i got one for christmas last year i thought it would be cool but then i would get fucking text at 12:30 am!!! One day i got one at 12:00am i took and threw it in the street. And those fucking ear picces…..ugh i just dont want to talk about them

  2. totally agree man, couldnt agree more. im never on my cell phone for a reason, they are stupid and i only, and i mean ONLY, use it when there is a big emergancy. but thats it. if i want to talk to someone, i'll either invite them over or call them on my house phone when i get home, and even then i make it short and sweet. cell phones suck.

  3. It is possible (if you can afford one), to buy a cell phone jammer over the internet. They are real, they work, and the more you spend the more range it has. You,ll have to do a little researcc to find onr, but they are a real hoot to have. Just follow some people around the local grocery to find a victim. I laughed my butt off. Just be sure you're not interrupting an emergency.

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