Zeldman Haiku Contest Winner!

Consolation Champs is pleased to present the winner of the Zeldman Haiku Contest. Boasting the only self-proclaimed non-Shakespearean haiku in the contest (or in existence, really), Mike Wasylik takes the prize for this gem:

Haiku good model
Zeldman disciples like the


There were three honourable mentions:

“zeldman you fucker!”

no better a fan letter?
dean allen was drunk.


Upgrade browser now
or i’ll block you from my site!
(upgrade THIS, Zeldman!)


javascript turned off?

can’t win book on web standards
Zeldman’s blind spot too.

Lloyd Wood

You’ll notice a critical tone in two of the honourable mentions, but I assure the authors that that was not held against them in the judging. Valuable criticism in the form of haiku is something in short supply on the web and we’re glad to receive it and pass it on. Congratulations to our winner and to the runners-up.