SxSW 2002

Well, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past few days, wonder no more. I’m in (fairly) sunny Austin, for the South by Southwest Interactive conference. Rest assured that I’ll have a full report with pictures posted in, oh, about three months, but in summary, I’m having a blast hanging around with some incredibly smart and talented people. In fact, just as I was writing this post, I introduced myself to Clive Thompson, one of the editors of Shift magazine and a really great writer on web subjects.

One of my ongoing projects is to write a profile of Canadian web whirlwind Cory Doctorow, whom I’ve also met here. Well, Cory has set up his Airport base station here in the Convention Center, and in fact this is how I’m posting right now. He just walked by to tell me about it and Clive grabbed him and set up a breakfast meeting. So, it’s quite possible that I’m going to be scooped by Clive Thompson.

In other Canadian news, last night I met Nicci Scheid, who is the New Media Manager for Now magazine. And, GTABlogger Katherine Parrish is here, too, putting together a report for CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera. Suddenly, I feel lazy and untalented…