I’m not nearly as much of a geek as I’d like to be. Over the past several months, I’ve attempted at least three times to install Kung-Tunes, an ingenious utility for displaying the currently-playing iTunes track, or a list of recently played tracks. For examples of how it’s been implemented correctly, see Todd’s or Neil’s sites.

All I want to be able to do is to put a list of the 5 most recently-played tracks in the sidebar with a link to the last 50 played tracks on another page. The common denominator on all the sites on which it seems to work is that they’re authored in PHP, a markup language I promised myself I’d learn, oh, about two years ago. Any instructions I’ve found have lots of mentions of <iframe>s and includes, two things I’ve learned nothing about.

Can anyone explain this to a numbskull like me?

UPDATE: Well, somehow I’ve got the currently-playing track working, and I think that’s enough for tonight. Part of the problem was that the whole thing doesn’t seem to work too well in Chimera, which is too bad since I was hoping not to have to use IE as much. Let me know what you’re seeing in your own browser/platform.

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  1. It’s a great feeling, figuring out something like this. Boy, a complete redesign in PHP must not be far off. Right? 🙂

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