Audioscrobbler looks cool. I’d like a way to keep track of what bands I’m listening to, and see how that compares to other people’s tastes, and get suggestions for new artists. Unfortunately, it’s only for Winamp users (ie. Windows only). With all the other cool stuff out there for music on OS X (Kung-Tunes, Synergy, iChatStatus), couldn’t somebody work on something like this, too? Please? Is this another one for Lazyweb?

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  1. Damn, My referer list is fuller than its ever been. 😉

    Audioscrobbler servers are down at the moment due to some hosting trouble, but they should be back up in a few days, and I’ll have an iscrobbler beta up in time to meet it when it gets back online. If you want to beta test, bounce me an email.


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