What’s The Big Idea?

Indeed. What’s the big idea of asking little old me to get up on a stage and attempt to answer this question in 120 seconds? I’m becoming extremely nervous.

While I’m in Austin in a few weeks for South by Southwest Interactive, I’ve been invited to participate in 20×2. This annual tradition gives 20 people an opportunity (albeit a small one) to answer some vexing question. For the first time today, I looked at the company I’ll be among. The Craig from craigslist, Dan Gillmor from the San Jose Mercury News. And most intimidating of all, Rannie!

3 thoughts on “What’s The Big Idea?”

  1. I am the most intimidating of the bunch? EEEKS

    I can safely assure you that I am freaking out inside too. Basically I have 2 or 3 days to finish what I want to do.. As I am hitting the road on Friday.

    Luckily with the new powerbook in tow. I can always work on it along the way… BUT eeks… You aren’t the only one.

    Besides how long can two minutes be?

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