Whither Succa?

In the process of trying to fix some of the linkrot that has infested most of my older blog entries, I discovered that fellow Torontonian Nick Taylor (whose Succaland.com domain was snatched from him in 2002) has a new weblog. Unfortunately, Triplespeak hasn’t been updated since last August.

Maybe he got SARS?

One thought on “Whither Succa?”

  1. Holy crap, what a coincidence. I see a link to CC and I think “I haven’t read Consolation Champs in a while! I wonder what ol’ James is up to” and I go down three posts and, wait a second, is he writing about ME??

    I’m totally still around, clinging to the outer surface of the blog-o-sphere by my fingernails. Been meaning to re-launch T.S. for a while now but real life keeps beating me down, you know? What should probably happen is that I abandon real life entirely.

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