Ska for the Skeptical

I’ve never been skeptical, but some of you might need a little nudge.

Here’s a great introduction to one of my favourite kinds of music, including MP3s. I got into the second-wave (ie. British) of ska music around 1980, listening to bands like The Specials, The (English) Beat, The Selecter and Madness. I generally despise the third-wave (ie. Orange County) ska bands like No Doubt and Reel Big Fish, but here’s a chance to check out the origin of the music as well as its evolution. When I describe it to people, I say it’s like reggae you can dance to.

(via boingboing)

One thought on “Ska for the Skeptical”

  1. I’ll have to send you some music by The Cheap Suits. Our next door neighbour has a Ska band that plays all over eastern Canada.

    In the summer we get a free concert every other weekend when they’re practicing in the basement next door.

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