Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Thanks to Neil, I’ve inherited a musical baton with which to beat you around the head and shoulders. Here we go:

Total volume of music files on my computer: 22.82 GB (5,419 songs) on my work computer, where I listen to the most music. (For the sake of completeness, 26.11 GB on my home system, which is 6,289 songs)

The last CD I bought was: Ooh, it’s been a while, but I think it might be Thank You Good Night Sold Out, by The Dears.

Song playing right now: I Smell Winter — The Housemartins.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

  • Rapture — Pedro the Lion
  • I Got A Right — Iggy & the Stooges
  • Bury Me With It — Modest Mouse
  • Aliens (Christmas 1988) — Rheostatics
  • Man-Size — PJ Harvey

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:

For the statistically-obsessed, my Audioscrobbler page.

5 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”

  1. Although I wasn’t beat with the ugly stick, erm, I mean musical baton, I had to make some commentary.

    Firstly, I will be here (http://www.aclfestival.com/festival/) seeing those folks, in the not so distant future. Since approximately half of your most recently played musicians will be in attendance, I thought you might find that to be, how do the French say? Ah, yes, bitchen.

    Secondly, I, for one, would be entirely too embarrased to let Audioscribbler announce my listening habits to the public. “Crowned in Chrome” by Crooked Fingers 278 times? Well, it is a good song. Wait, in the past twenty-four hours?? Also, other embarrasing stuff might come up. Weepy 80’s Euro, etc. C’mon, if people knew that I had a soft spot for the Pet Shop Boys, well, my edge would be lost altogether. Every time I would make a calculated, logical argument, someone could say, “Yeah, but you listened to ‘Can You Forgive Her’ thirty seven times last week.” And, they’d have a point.

    But I applaud you for your bravery. Here’s what I have been listening to, nearly nonstop, for about two weeks now:


  2. Ah, but it’s great to be old and well past caring who thinks I’m cool. I can listen to all the Gary Numan and Styx and Adam and the Ants and B-52s and Earth, Wind and Fire and anything else I want! And in response to the Pet Shop Boys’ musical question, of course I can forgive you! Thanks for your comment!

  3. For the record, Gary Numan is cooler than ever now, and Adam and the Ants are nearing peak coolness.

    Styx, in contrast: still not cool.

  4. You’re right, Josh. And I really don’t listen to Styx much (except “Light Up” from Equinox) but I had to throw something in. It seems even being uncool is cool now.

  5. wow. i just got hit by basically the same meme. i searched google for ‘rock chick’ and got some cheesy old pic of your wife in a chris deburgh tshirt. followed it here to see the same meme.

    small blog world huh?

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