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From yesterday, I’ve decided that I need one more disc, so I’m changing my mind about counting Stevie Wonder as two discs. After all, it was all written, composed, and released as one work, right?? I’m desperate to add one more disc (even though the whole list will probably change next week!). The addition is:

  • PJ Harvey-Dry

Desert Island Discs

I was thinking this weekend about the concept of my Desert Island Discs. You know, assuming you had a Discman with a case of batteries or something, which CDs would you take with you to a desert island? And I’m not talking about which discs you “should” take, what other people think are classic records, but which ones you listen to a lot and couldn’t live without. Limit yourself to 10, and no Greatest Hits collections allowed. Here are mine. In no particular order:

  • Pixies-Doolittle
  • Pixies-Surfer Rosa
  • The The-Soul Mining
  • Bowie-Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
  • Rheostatics-Whale Music
  • Spoon-Telephono
  • The Wedding Present-George Best
  • The Waterboys-This is the Sea
  • Stevie Wonder-Songs in the Key of Life (I guess this counts as two because it’s two discs)

What are yours?


My idea for a summer blockbuster film (or a comic book). The Ex-Men. A bunch of post-operative transsexuals who are too busy sitting around discussing shoes to fight crime. Well, anyway, you see why I’m not living large in Hollywood.

35: Too Old?

So is 35 too old to be in the web design business? I’ve been doing it part-time for the past 3 years, and fulltime only since March. I’m a junior designer/programmer at a tiny but mighty company, and my girlfriend (34 and just graduated from journalism school) wants us to move to England in two years and work there. Do you think at 37 and 36 we’ll be completely unemployable? This scares me sometimes. My only hope is to move quickly out of design and production altogether and become boring “Web Producer” or “Project Manager” man, simply because of my age. What if I don’t want to become that person? Opinions?

Music and Movies

Jish was kind enough to add me to his list of Toronto Blogs. So hurray for Jish, and please go and visit his site now.

In its previous incarnation, this page was where I would list the latest CDs I bought, or the last film I saw, or book I read, whatever. I don’t want to lose that, because it gives people an opportunity to respond, and it just helps me formulize some sort of capsule review (sometimes!), so:


  • Modest Mouse-The Moon and Antarctica
  • Modest Mouse-This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
  • Travis-The Man Who


  • Chicken Run
  • The Perfect Storm

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