Iran: Deja Vu All Over Again

So President Bush remains adamant that Iran is a threat? Even after his own intelligence services have told him otherwise? Why am I not surprised? I’m reading Frank Rich’s book The Greatest Story Ever Sold right now, and it’s all sounding very familiar. I just hope that the presidential election campaign can steamroll any “ambitions” that Dubya has for adding to his collection of wars.

Should I Move Back?

The Economist conducted its yearly survey and the green land of my birth, Ireland, comes out first for quality of life. Now, the UN usually does its own polls and Canada usually comes out on top. So the question is, do I move back? Lucky me. I guess I could escape the frigid Canadian winters in drizzly Ireland and come back to Canada for the summers.

P.S. Gentle American friends, the U.S. placed 13th. When are you coming up?

Secret Millionaire

The big story around here this morning is the $30-million lottery winner who waited almost a year before claiming his prize, saying he “didn’t want to do anything rash.” Now while most of the media seem baffled by this guy, I can totally understand. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a secret millionaire? Just to know and keep it to yourself, and see how people treated you, before the big news got out and everyone wanted to be your friend?

I think Raymond Sobeski is a smart man. He’s had almost a year to figure out who his true friends are, so that when people around him start cozying up to the millionaire, he can just smile to himself. Enjoy your winnings, Raymond!