Eric Meyer on CSS Contest

Thanks to the generosity of New Riders, I have a duplicate copy of Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design to give away. If you’ve been reading CC for a while, you know what’s coming, don’t you? A contest! Previous contests have been quite popular, and I’ve managed to give away a couple of fine books by Messrs. Zeldman and Powazek.

Here are the rules for the Eric Meyer on CSS Haiku Contest:

1. Readers will submit a genuine haiku (using the comments link below), consisting of three lines. 5 syllables in each of the first and third lines, and 7 syllables in the second line.

2. There is a limit of 3 entries from each person, and at least 10 entries must be received for the prize to be awarded.

3. The contest will run from today until August 15, or until it gets boring.

4. Entrants need not post their entry on their own site, but must post a link to this entry to be eligible. Those without web sites are obviously exempt from this requirement.

5. Anyone in the world may enter and win, but those outside of North America might need to help with shipping costs if they are prohibitive.

Good luck, everyone, and please help spread the word! Oh, and yes, it’s a good book. You can read my review at Digital Web.

119 thoughts on “Eric Meyer on CSS Contest”

  1. Hey, thanks for jumping right in, guys, but I need to remind you about rule number 4. I need you to post a link back to the contest on your site. Don’t forget or your amazing haiku observations might be disqualified…

  2. three from me:

    following standards
    is it too good to be true?
    one can hope for the best

    a CSS book
    would be really good for me
    my blog looks like crap

    information junkie
    can’t get enough books to read
    add more to the pile

  3. Three Haiku submissions:

    My weblog now links
    To a contest at CC.
    p {me: excited;}

    I’m just a student
    I’ve no money, not a cent!
    Knowledge equals rent

    A CSS book.
    Is that like a cooking book?
    I’m trying to cook.

  4. I would love to learn.
    CCS is good to know.
    It would help my site.

    My stylesheets suck ass
    A book would be very helpful
    Please let it be mine

    I am such a geek
    For trying to win a book.
    It would help my code.

  5. Self-taught designer,
    Patchwork of style sheet knowledge,
    wants the big picture

    I can write styles, but
    want an elegant design
    of code and of page

    This fantastic book,
    which I cannot yet afford,
    can improve my work

  6. A couple from me. The first, a haiku that rhymes! Hope you all enjoy. 😉

    you would never guess
    I obsess o’er CSS
    my site is a mess

    Clients: Netscape 4
    Their site must support relics
    Eric shows me how

  7. I gape in wonder
    at the concept of people
    vying for my book.

    Life seems just too weird
    That things have come to this pass:
    Surreal joy grips me.

    So many very
    Wonderful and creative
    Entries: who will win?

    I recall a true
    Haiku evokes a season–
    Tears of failure fall.

    I search for a joke
    Using CSS syntax…
    Brain just empty-cells.

  8. Haiku is not for me.
    Almost makes it hurt when I pee.
    The book…I’ll buy…that’s for sure.
    ‘Cause CSS is part of the cure. ; )

  9. I must confess the haiku with the asshat comment was me. Don’t worry I’ve disqualified myself since I just might have to help James judge. Oh well, now everyone else has a chance. =)

  10. Here are my 3 Haikus. I sound so desperate, huh? 🙂

    My brain was frozen
    but I really want the book!
    Make me the winner …

    Show me the beauty
    Teach me about CSS
    So give me the book

    I don’t mind to pay
    the shipping cost of my book
    I want it badly!

  11. Skinny, geeky, man
    Eric writes on CSS
    A wonderful world.

    That book pulsates and
    throbs on my bookcase, Eric
    Meyer knows your mom.

    Eric’s wife named Kat
    A honeymoon in China
    July ’98

  12. Night light protects me,
    From the monsters in my mind,
    But not from my dreams.

    That’s right folks, the contest rules say nothing about a CSS or Eric-related haiku. However, if that becomes a requirement, then I insist that my haiku speaks to Eric’s mental state!

  13. select oracle
    not sufficient; at stylesheets
    make me proficient

    curly braces are
    the trees enclosing the sweet
    glory of content

    oh text! i love thee.
    ascii made lovely by the
    song of simple sheets

  14. Cascading Style Sheets
    The Definitive Guide, book
    and now there is another

    Atlantic salmon
    Steelhead/rainbow trout
    both return to the ocean

    And I might add, some think they are to be the same species.

  15. ONE:

    usability is key
    style sheets can make it happen

    am just a poor girl
    typing on a computer
    i need the book, bad

    i like web design
    i also like chocolate
    will settle for book

  16. .poetic + license {

    Want to win book, yes?
    Linked to this site I have!
    I type like Yoda


    Shameless Business Plug:
    Hire Webgraph for design
    You’ll be glad you did 😉

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